Natural health secrets to ending addictions; including diet soda, diet pills, sugar, junk food, TV, cigarettes and negativity!

Skinny is the new fat, didn’t you hear? When gluten and aspartame left the body, it recovered and became healthy again! Nutrition the Godsend. Shedding unwanted weight or not putting more on can be quite a challenge, it’s true, but all the right foods and NO addictions does the work for you and all by itself, so get started here. Diet soda is the devil of the food industry. Want to gain weight and nervous anxiety? Drink diet soda. Most people consuming diet soda today are overweight or obese, or they smoke cigarettes. Drive through “food” is cheap, hot, fast and chock full of salt and sugar to con the taste buds into more, more … more. The BAD sugar, meaning that made from GENICALLY MODIFIED corn, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, fake honey, fake maple syrup – it’s all just pest-killing sugar – are you a pest to society? About 99% of all food advertised on TV causes cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and/or osteoporosis and brittle bones. If you don’t believe it, it doesn’t matter, because it still does.

About 99% of all food advertised on TV causes cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease

Are you feeling negative and polluted? You are what you eat. Are you feeling nervous and anxious? You’re eating pesticide! That’s GMO. Pesticide. Get organic and get positive. Here we go!

Four ways to a better YOU:

#1. Diet soda is an addiction that brews anxiety, fear, weight gain, irritable bowels and negativity in an acid-laden digestive system

If you want to lose weight, eat organic raw vegetables and organic raw fruit, then drink spring water and see what happens. It’s not a prescription, or a formula, and it’s not a weight-loss craze or a pill or patch. If you want your anxiety to dissipate and just go away for good, don’t intoxicate your central nervous system with aspartame and pesticide. Stop smoking ammonia and never drink phosphoric acid laced with artificial sweetener. Not feeling confident today? Maybe you’ve robbed your “spirit” of its glow and flow by drinking synthetic nerve disruptor – also known as “diet soda.” You’ve been brainwashed to believe you can eat more sugar and bad fat if you couple it all with diet drinks. Wrong. Now you worry about what’s wrong, when all you have to do is what’s right. Take the DIE out of your “diet” and you can live healthy and find your IDEAL weight. You too can avoid ASD – – Artificial Sweetener Disease.


#2. Sugar is the most powerful addiction on planet earth, some nutritionists say, worse than cocaine, morphine, heroin and nicotine put together

“Sugar addiction is a subtle and insidious dependency that creeps up completely unnoticed. Unknowingly consumed in processed food or a seemingly harmless meal out, sugar is everywhere. In fact, the average American ingests 150 pounds of refined sugar a year — the equivalent of five tons throughout a lifetime.” Sure, hard drugs are addicting and lead to death, but sugar leads to a slow, dragged out, miserable death by cancer if you’re not careful, so how can one be “careful” with a hard core drug food? Basically, don’t eat it. White sugar is refined, processed and most likely GMO. Corn is genetically modified to contain pesticide to kill bugs. It’s in the cupcakes, the donuts, the cakes, the cheap bread and yes, the milk. Are you accepting cancer food as normal? Why?

“Simply because sugar is a widespread, accepted substance, doesn’t mean it is anymore innocuous than morphine or heroin. It is just as addictive, if not more so. But there is hope. With a few dietary and lifestyle changes, sugar dependency can be tamed and healthy well-being restored.”

#3. Drive-through addiction has been in full swing for four decades, since 1975, selling BILLIONS of cases of preventable disease to people worldwide

Here you go ma’am, that’s a sick slaughtered cow on bug-killer sweet bread with heart-clogging hydrogenated oil and a morphine soda. You have yourself a great stint! Do you have a coupon for Alzheimer’s, arthritis or cancer treatment today? Happy meals are buy 3 get 3 free! How many kids do you have? Will you be around to see their kids? Drive through addiction is simple. People trade in their health for convenience. Toxic burgers and carcinogenic chicken sandwiches come with a steep price that’s not charged at the drive through window. The pain comes later. Then the medications that cover up the true problem. The addiction is real. How do you end fast food addiction? You watch the video trailer to “CAFO” the book:

Then you reconsider why you eat what you eat and the problem gets solved! Check the Natural News search box – Insert the words “organic recipe” and go from there. You can safely cleanse your liver.


#4. Television has negativity “for sale” to minds of ALL AGES, all day and all night, for every walk of life – are you “buying into it?”

Kids aren’t stupid, and neither are their parents, but people get brainwashed for so long they believe in the biggest lies, like name brand whole grain cereals are good for you, or that war is good for the economy. The nightly TV news scares the masses into believing that the human immune system is weak and fragile, and that we all need vaccines and medications to be normal and fight infection. The commercials do the same. Kids eat GMO food school lunches and their parents can’t figure out why they have so many allergies, asthma attacks, skin rashes and indigestion. ADD and ADHD are just buzz words and terms Big Pharma created to address these symptoms of toxic food intake.

Television is an addiction. Turn it off. Watch your favorite movies and maybe some sports, but don’t watch the idiot box for health or safety information. You can do better. Read Natural Health News online and tune into the Health Ranger’s journalists, investigative reporters, scientists, nutritionists and naturopaths. There is light at the end of the “addiction tunnel.” Turn off the TV and seek it.

Bad food brews bad attitudes, where good food brews good moods …

Want to party and relax with some organic Superfood that tastes splendid? Take some organic coconut oil, heat it slightly until clear, mix with organic honey and organic cacao (chocolate) powder. Then cover your favorite fruit with it and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It’s like organic magic shell! Drop the addictions, the sugar fixes, the cancer sticks and the mind-numbing junk food.


There’s a natural method to quitting cigarettes that incorporates nutrition as a major phase. Watch the preview/trailer presented by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams:

she breaks cig 3









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