Learn the “Big Science” lie about secondhand smoke and improve your child or partner’s life by quitting cigarettes

So much in life can be a distraction from what really matters, and we get to doing things for ourselves, worrying about ourselves, wondering when things might improve or why they haven’t in a while, and the secret to ultimately improving every second of living involves being considerate of other people’s happiness, their goals, their challenges and most importantly, their health. We may feel “at ease” because we’ve “fed our kids” or because we “pay our bills” and we’re “alive!” – but then we long for improvement, progress, more money for our interests, and often someone to share in all those good times – the journeys and the destinations. But what if the answer to our “longings” for growth and success are born and thrive in giving our consideration to another person’s health and happiness, and in reward we find the best of our own. Scientists now say that breathing in secondhand smoke is just as detrimental to health as the actual smoker inhaling the pesticide, ammonia and formaldehyde directly from the cigarette. That means it’s time for every smoker in every corner of the universe to think about the people around them suffering the same health catastrophes, that are on the way for THEM – the people who don’t even smoke.

Mainstream media, like Forbes.com, of course, downplays the danger of secondhand smoke. Shill scientists are paid to fake research and alter statistics so more people will not think twice about inhaling the smoke coming out of the smoker’s lungs–that still contain the same horrific chemicals that were brewed into the tobacco at the manufacturing facility, where 7,000 chemicals are brewed to work in tandem to keep smokers addicted. Do you really think the smoker breathing them all in filters it all and coughs out clean, harmless air?

Per “Americans for Non-Smoker’s Rights” published in 2015:

“Today most people have heard the statement “secondhand smoke kills.” But in society’s increasing awareness of the health dangers of tobacco, of the lies manufactured by the tobacco industry, and of an emerging body of law supporting smoke-free policies, it is not enough to simply state “secondhand smoke kills” without knowing how secondhand smoke is a health danger, whom it affects, where exposure is the most serious, and what can be done to stop it.”

Don’t count on Big Tobacco, restaurants and “science” to protect the ones you love from smoking dangers

With the advent of smoke-free restaurants, workplaces and designated smokers’ rooms at taverns (which are havens of death), less and less nonsmokers are suffering the smoker’s fate over the past 15 years or so. Still, one in every four nonsmokers remain exposed to the nightmare of smoking, without ever even holding a cigarette between their fingers.

2015: Landmark Report on Damages of Secondhand Smoke

In February of 2015, the CDC released their “Vital Signs Report” finding disparities among those breathing in secondhand smoke, and more than a third of them lived in rental housing. So, in fact, though some restaurants and workplaces have made certain rules and laws to ban smokers away from the innocents, still many infants, children and teens are getting their fair share of poisoned air and “slow death” at home, probably from a parent, both parents or perhaps an older sibling, who think secondhand smoke isn’t such a big deal, thanks to mainstream media and Big Science lies.

FYI: CNN, at one time, had information presented as a video news story on this exact topic, but they pulled it–they “memory-holed” it.

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Disturbing Facts about Smoking and Secondhand “Smokers” …

Over 50,000 people die every year from secondhand smoke exposure

Tobacco use killed 100 million people in the 20th century

Tobacco is responsible for more than all the deaths in World Wars I and II, combined

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer worldwide.

At least 80% of lung cancer deaths are attributable to smoking.

Smoking 10 or less cigarettes per day still cuts life expectancy by 5 years

Children are at HIGH RISK to acute and chronic diseases as a result of secondhand smoke

Lung cancer kills nearly 1.5 million people globally each year.

In 2007, a study using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology detected damage in the lungs of nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke.

The Health Toll of Secondhand Smoke

Way back in 2006, the Surgeon General’s Report on the “health consequences of involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke” had already confirmed what most of the science and health communities knew already, but lacked the scientific research to be sure. Watch this 10-minute video from the 2006 Surgeon General’s press conference called “Secondhand Smoker: Triumphs and Tragedies” where people attest to getting lung cancer from secondhand smoke in the workplace. What makes anyone think it’s any different for children and a spouse or partner at home?


Many workers are now protected from smokers by laws, organizational preferences or company rules, or by business ordinances, but what about protecting people who can’t even choose or make rules, like children in homes where smokers light up every hour or half hour, and don’t even open the window to exhale? What about offering smokers a program that ACTUALLY WORKS to help them quit smoking, and one that’s natural, instead of some chemical-based “medicine” or more nicotine in a patch or gum?

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor in Chief of NaturalNews.com, the most visited health news website in the world, recommends a natural way to quit smoking and naturally protect your loved ones by never smoking again. You could watch the free trailer to the one-hour lesson HERE now. (http://programs.naturalnews.com/14AndOut__TV.htm)

When people have the facts, they can make an informed decision and know they’re doing the right thing, the right way. Don’t just quit smoking for yourself, do it for those that live with you and breathe the same air.

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The Health Toll of Secondhand Smoke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmcDXfdPzCw

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