Smokers’ test: 10 facts you never knew about your habit – plus a natural escape

Here are the facts about cigarettes AND the ones that have you hooked; however, once you know them, realize them, account for them, and attack them with the remedy, you can once again be free from the smoker’s prison. How many FACTS do you already know of these? One, two or three? If you know less than four, you fail, and that may be why you are still addicted to nicotine, pesticide and Big Tobacco’s great scam. Take the test now:

Fact #1: There is glass wool in the filter – tiny shards of glass that keep it cool around your fingers, away from the 1,600°F heat of the burning end. Those tiny glass fibers are similar to those found in fiberglass insulation. Glass wool causes tiny tears in your epithelial tissue, the inside lining of your mouth, throat, windpipe and lungs. That’s where the chemicals and tar lodge and ruin your health, motivation and “will to quit.”

Fact #2: Inside each rolled-up cancer stick is cellulose acetate – plastic used in photo film, which is highly flammable. It’s woven into the papers like cross-hairs, and that is why cigarettes don’t go out in heavy wind, burn at 1,600°F degrees during the inhale, and burn fairly evenly from one end to the other. The manufacturers know all of this.

Fact #3: Smoking is a breathing ritual that people engage in, which, without the cigarettes, would be very healthy for them, but very, very few actually practice that same breathing pattern while trying to quit smoking or after having quit – slow, deep breath, hold for a second or two, breathe out slowly – now meditate on the moment after exhaling but before inhaling, and then meditate on the moment after inhaling but before exhaling. This is a strategy for quitting. Repeat breathing ritual/pattern/cycle about 10 to 12 times, or as many drags as you would have taken on one cigarette, and then do it again each time during the day and night that you would have lit up or “gone out for a smoke.”

Fact #4: As much as 95% of smokers who try to quit without help FAIL, and statistically they will return to smoking again within six months.

Fact #5: There are over 100 milligrams of nicotine potency in one average commercial cigarette, because manufacturers freebase the tobacco with ammonia to make the nicotine up to 35 times as addictive as they would have you know. This has been going on since the mid-to-late-1960s.

Fact #6: More than 20,000 doctors (MDs) in America have endorsed cigarettes within the last 75 years, proclaiming that they were somehow healthy and good for digestion, and they went so far as to recommend to YOU their favorite brands. These ads ran for decades – even after scientists discovered that smoking processed tobacco leads to lung cancer.

Fact #7: If you smoke two packs a day, that’s equivalent to about 500 times that your hand reaches up to your mouth and back down again (average 20 cigarettes a day and about 10–12 drags per cigarette). Replace that hand-to-mouth ritual with organic nuts, seeds, berries, trail mix, raw vegetables, fruit slices or anything healthy, and you’ve replaced a bad, bad habit with a very, very good one.

Fact #8: Every puff that every smoker smokes today contains bleach, because cigarettes are rolled in paper that is white; paper comes from trees – trees are brown. You’re smoking bleach. Consuming bleach, whether in smoke or from eating white, bleached foods like bread, flour, pasta, sugar and most rice, leads to pancreatic cancer – the cancer with the lowest survival rate of all cancers. Consuming bleach also leads to bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

Fact #9: Prescription medications for quitting smoking block your body’s natural “feel good” chemistry, known as serotonin and dopamine, and “fight-or-flight” drugs that your body would normally create and which would be triggered in the brain via neurons and synapses. Medications like Chantix and Zyban block these natural hormone responses from happening entirely in order to take control of your emotions, reactions and even judgments about reality (Chantix is even linked to an increased risk of heart attack.) These drugs have detrimental effects on the human central nervous system too. That is why depression, thoughts of suicide, and actual suicide are listed as “side effects,” and the manufacturers have to warn the patients in TV commercials and via the “witch doctors” who prescribe them. Very few people have success with the medications, and those who don’t have regrets.

Fact #10: A pack-a-day smoker has one cup of tar in each lung after just ten years of smoking.

How many FACTS did you know? Don’t feel bad. Most people have NO IDEA what they’re doing to themselves and need help escaping commercial cigarettes. The CDC’s scary commercials don’t provide any good advice, but Natural News enthusiasts are sharing the best natural method available.

The natural way out of the habit…

A natural escape from smoking is what you need. It’s what you want. An escape that lasts forever and is your new life as a non-smoker. No more stinky clothes! No more polluted lungs. Time to feel good, eat clean and enjoy exercise of your choosing. attracts over 7 million visitors monthly, many of whom do not smoke cigarettes, but the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of Natural News, Mike Adams, recommends a natural method for his readers to pass along to their smoking friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers and the like. This natural method talks about many of the facts above and helps smokers relate to their own plight, providing not only an escape from the habit but new “habits” that are healthy and invigorating, so smokers can become whole again and rid themselves of the 7,000 toxins, including pesticides, that are repeatedly invading their body and mind.

The proven natural way out of the cigarette habit in 14 days or less

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