Sugar is a far more dangerous influence to your health than cigarettes

Most people would immediately assume cigarettes are far worse for one’s health than sugar, but it depends on the person, the amount of sugar, the source of that sugar, whether it’s concentrated, adulterated like GMO, contains pesticides, is bleached, processed and refined, and what other health conditions are catapulted by that sugar intake. You see, while you develop emphysema, asthma, COPD, and ulcers as a smoker, you could be developing disorders that kill you even sooner, thanks to sugar, like obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and strokes.

Transcribed from a brief interview with a natural health expert:

Question: Does anybody really completely quit sugar?

Answer: For a lifetime, that’s very difficult, but once you get it out of your system, you don’t feel like you have to have it.

Question: So for right now then, anyone can?

Answer: Yes, anyone can do it, you just have to want that for yourself, to be healthy.

Q: So how can sugar be worse for me than cigarettes?

A: Sugar activates cancer cells, so sugar feeds cancer and makes it stronger.

Q: So if I get cancer from smoking, the doctors will blame the cigarettes, or the sugar?

A: They won’t say either one, because they don’t know. They’re trained in pharmacology, not nutrition. They don’t care how you got it, just that you got it. Now let’s use chemotherapy to try to get rid of it.

Q: And are we talking about any sugar here, like white table sugar, organic sugar, or agave?

A: Yes, they’re all the same, but be careful, they’re touting agave as a health food and it’s almost like high fructose corn syrup, it’s so processed and it spikes your insulin.

Quit Sugar First – Then Quit Smoking

One website we visited informed us that it is more important to “stop your sugar before you stop smoking, because if you try to do BOTH at once “you most likely fail to do either.”

This makes total sense because the body is so acidic that it will remain acidic while trying to quit cigarettes and make it impossible for the person to resist the nicotine “cigarette hangover medication” that pulls them out of their funk, temporarily. Then they’re dragged right back into the pack-a-day or even two-packs-a-day habit.

“While you won’t find medical doctors admitting that sugar causes harm, there is a growing number of research studies that are demonstrating that there is a connection between the amount of sugar we eat and obesity. How many world-wide deaths are attributable to obesity? The number is 17 million deaths a year. No one dies from being obese, though. Being overweight increases the risks for other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. Sugar has also been shown to directly cause diabetes and heart disease, even in someone with normal weight.”


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